Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Treasured Moments.

Autumn has truly arrived in style this morning (never mind the calendar).  I love the chill that runs through me as my bare feet hit the cold hardwood floor, awakening my senses. I welcome summer's end on this rainy fall day.  On a brisk morning such as this, I sincerely hope there will be time to curl up with a well-loved book in my window seat.  My coffee, all the while, is never far away.  Positively idyllic. 

My three precious girls will soon awaken and come running to find me and my dear husband, showering us with giggles and kisses.  I treasure every morning moment, when we are reunited from our slumber and reminded of the deep love we share before parting for the day. 

Life is just so darn good.

Song for a rainy day...

 "I've thrown myself headlong into your arms—
I'm celebrating your rescue.
I'm singing at the top of my lungs,
I'm so full of answered prayers."

Psalms 13.5-6 (The Message)


  1. My favorite song. Thanks for making a rainy day brighter!

  2. No problem! This song always makes me smile. :)


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