Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Season of change.

It is nearly the middle of October, yet the cool, fall temperatures remain elusive here in the Heartland.  At this point, I desire little more than to be drowning in a warm, oversized sweater with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a cozy book in the other.

"Autumn, you are late to your own party.  The trees are already colored for you..."

I adore the season of change.  I love the winding down of the year.  I welcome the vibrant colors.  Now, if it could just be colder...

This time of year also awakens in me a sense of renewal, inviting me to purge my house, my closet... my life!  Almost like spring cleaning.  But not.  Knowing full well that I will likely be spending a lot more time in my house with winter coming on, it seems a good time to get things in order.

So I've started by changing batteries.  LOTS of batteries.  Funny how you can give a something new life just by changing the batteries.  (Yes, even for Dead-Batty-Dora!)  After lying unnoticed in a dark corner for months, suddenly, Baby Alive is beloved again.  A flashlight stands ready to serve.  An old clock is again useful. 

Generally, I use rechargable batteries.  Especially AAs, because those seem to be most popular these days.  Often times, though, we still have the other kind laying around and I have decided to get the most out of every single one. 

A "dead" battery may not have enough juice to power a camera or get Elmo to giggling, but its probably not truly dead.  I toss spent batteries into an old shoe box marked "Clock Batteries."  Clocks require very little power to run and will run for a long time on a supposedly dead battery I have pulled out of an old toy.  Batteries cost good money so make 'em count 'til the last drop!

So while I anticipate the true arrival of fall, I pour another cup, fall wardrobe at the ready, and I smile...

Do I like my coffee black? There are other colors? 

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  1. Awesome tip! Thanks for linking up this week. Always enjoy reading all these ideas!


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