Friday, July 13, 2012

Over the river and through the woods.

Upon descending the spiral stairs from the second floor, I encounter a fork where the stairs split.  I am always presented with a choice.  Left.  Or Right.  Right takes me into the first floor hallway leading to two bedrooms or on into the dining area.  Left curves around into the kitchen.  I know it's strange, but I can never decide which way will be more efficient. 

And when exiting my first floor bedroom for a drink of water, I must make the decision to travel by way of the dining room (which seems longer) or to traverse the bottom portion of the stairs.  Up a few stairs and down a few.  Voila.  Kitchen.  (I wonder which way burns more calories?)

And every time I take the stairs/landing route, in my mind I can't help but say "Over the river.  And through the woods."  I can't stop.  I told my hubby.  Now he does it too.  

Over the river.  (Up the stairs, pause on the landing.)  And through the woods.  (Down and around the stairs to the left, into the kitchen.)   

Over the river.  And through the woods.  Over the river.  And through the woods.

The things I think about. 

Love & Coffee

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