About Me

I am mama to 4 sweet little angels. My hubby is sorely outnumbered, but he loves every minute of it.  I home school my girls and I love to be creative in the kitchen.  I believe in simple, wholesome living.  I am a musician, a sometimes poet, and my faith in God is my anchor.  Coffee is my lifeblood and I believe in good chocolate.

These are some of my favorite posts about me and my family that you might also enjoy:

This is The Man.  He's all mine.  He is my best friend and most days, he keeps me out of trouble. He is my partner in crime and craves a good cup of joe almost as much as I do.  I have been happily married to this man for 11 years!

The Man told me that someday we would own a male dog just so we can add some more testosterone to the family.  But then he came home with Holly Von H, our rambunctious Rotty.  When she's not burying my socks in the neighboring field, she can be rather adorable.

My oldest, Peanut.  She is 9. She is my perfectionist and she loves to read. She has grand aspirations of being an astronaut.  Or a paleontologist.  Or a veterinarian. Have I mentioned that I home school her? Ummm...  No pressure there. 

This is my little Ladybug.  She is 6. What can I say? This kid lights up my life. She is sensitive, endearing, and fit for the stage!  She has more personality in her little finger than most people have in their whole body.

This is my ball of fire.  We call her Lovey.  She's 3. I'm not sure where she is headed yet, but I will just say she certainly keeps me on my toes! She's vivacious and cunning and I love her.

And this is Cupcake.  She is our oh-so-sweet snuggle baby.  She's still rather new.  More to come...

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